Golf carts parked in a line

The Dos & Don’ts of Driving a Golf Cart

Many people have started playing golf and it has emerged not only as a recreational activity but also as a  sport with major economic impact. In Florida, the direct economic impact of this industry is around $7.5bn.

Golf carts are used in gold to ensure the accessibility of the game to everyone, including persons with disabilities. Elderly people often use it to avoid walking unnecessary miles. We have listed some of the etiquettes of driving the cart for the safety of everyone.

Follow The 90-Degree Rule

This rule was made for the convenience of golfers, keeping in mind the safety of the turf. They can drive the cart on the designated path and can turn it 90-degree to reach the ball. Since the balls on the grass are not placed at the same position, there won’t be much traffic at a specified place.

Through this rule, the carts are allowed on the grass but only for a specified time and location.

Don’t Drive Carts like Cars

You have the option of driving these golf carts to small towns as they have been upgraded. Reckless driving can lead to turning up the vart and getting you and your vehicle injured.

Follow all the rules as you would follow for normal driving and keep the speed slow and steady.

Golf carts parked in a designated path

Avoid Driving The Cart On Water Puddles

Golf carts shouldn’t be driven over a lot of water, as they might slip. Be mindful of the water puddles when crossing fields. You should also avoid driving over wet turf because the tires of the cart can damage it.

Keep Your Cart On A Designated Path

Driving on the grass damages the turf and leaves tire marks on them for weeks. Be vary of dry and heat-stressed turf and follow a designated path for your vehicle. If there’s constant traffic on the turfgrass, it can compact the soil, negatively affecting the growth of the grass.

You can drive the cart on the path and stop close to where your ball landed, pick your things up and walk towards it.

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