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The Key Steps to Ensure Golf Cart Safety

Golf carts are perfect to drive around in campgrounds, educational institutions, retirement communities, events, and festivals. Some regions also allow you to drive them on trails reserved for biking and hiking.

Golf carts are a convenient and fun vehicle to drive. However, it’s crucial to remember that these carts aren’t toys, and their safety should not be taken for granted. Continue reading to find out some crucial golf cart safety tips that will help keep you and people around you safe while you are cruising in your cart.

1. Be Responsible

Be responsible while driving a golf cart. Keep your arms and legs inside the cart to minimize safety hazards. Drive with complete focus to avoid accidents and injuries. Regardless of the vehicle, you should never drive if you’re too tired, drowsy, or drunk!

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2. Limit Passengers

It’s essential to maintain your golf cart’s safety as well as your own. Avoid stuffing your golf cart with your friends or equipment. There’s a limit to the weight a standard golf cart can carry. You must also ensure your golf cart isn’t a fun ride for your children. Children are curious little beings who might not understand or follow the golf cart safety rules. Don’t allow children below five years into your golf cart to minimize the risk for injuries.

3. Obey Traffic Laws

Your golf cart is subjected to the same traffic as any operational vehicle if you’re driving on the road. Obey all traffic laws to guarantee your golf cart’s safety. This means no speeding, no tailgating, and no reckless driving.

4. Use Platforms Properly

Some golf carts have platforms in the front, sides, or back. These platforms are designed to transport equipment like shopping packages and golf bags. Remember, these platforms aren’t meant to accommodate extra passengers. Therefore, avoid driving your golf cart with people sitting or standing on these platforms to ensure your golf cart’s longevity.

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5. Take it Easy on Turns

Making turns with your golf cart is more hazardous than you believe, especially if your cart isn’t equipped with tail lights. There’s a high chance of cutting a vehicle off if you’re not careful with blind spots. Use hand signals while making a turn on the road to let people know which direction you’re taking. Also, look over your shoulders before turning your cart and give way to the advancing traffic.

6. Watch Out For Extreme Weather

Check out the weather forecast for the day before you head out to the golfing court. Golf carts are vulnerable to thunderstorms and lightning. Therefore, always be on the lookout for stormy weather. If there’s a sudden weather change while you’re out driving in your cart, pull over and seek shelter immediately.

7. Keep Your Keys

Take your keys with you whenever you leave your golf cart. Set the parking brake before exiting and walking away from your golf cart. You don’t want an unlicensed driver or a child seeing the keys and thinking to enjoy a fun ride in your vehicle. Taking your keys will also prevent the risk of your cart rolling away and hitting an object or a pedestrian.

Basic Safety Tips

  • Start by thoroughly going through the owner’s manual for crucial safety info and understand your vehicle and its functionality
  • It is advisable to stay away from your golf cart and golf clubs during lightning
  • Don’t carry excess passengers. The number of seat belts in a cart indicates the number of passengers carried in one
  • Be aware of your state’s laws and regulations regarding the license requirements
  • Ensure to switch off your cart, remove keys, and fully engage the parking when leaving your cart

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Adapt To the Terrain

  • Keep the acceleration and speed of your cart as low as possible while driving it on rough, hilly, or unstable surfaces.
  • Avoid driving your cart on extremely rough terrain
  • Avoid steep slopes
  • Be careful and slow down your cart while going downhill
  • Carts are lightweight and sudden changes of direction or stops can make them flip. Be extra cautious about taking steep turns or emergency brakes.


The key takeaways from this guide are:

  • Halt your golf carts before changing direction.
  • Slow down your cart while making a turn
  • Use rearview mirrors to check behind you before operating your cart in reverse
  • Golf carts aren’t as fast as cars, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for seat belts. Keep seat belts on while driving or riding in a cart
  • Obey all the traffic rules while driving your cart
  • Ensure not to put your limbs outside the cart while it’s driving
  • Ensure that the direction selector of your cart is in the right position before accelerating
  • Don’t stand or allow anyone to stand in a golf cart while it’s moving
  • Don’t operate your cellphone while driving the cart
  • Don’t drive your cart under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Whether driving a regular car or a golf cart, safety must always be your priority. Buy from an authentic and reliable golf cart dealer to ensure golf cart safety. Reach out to us if you wish to buy durable golf carts. We also provide e-bikes for rent in Nepal, Fort Meyers, and Bonita Springs. Call us today for more details!








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