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The Right Way to Winterize Your Golf Cart

During the winter season, most outdoor activities come to a standstill, including playing golf. Because of this, you have to winterize your golf cart just right to be ready for the next golf season before storage. Proper maintenance is the key as that prolongs the life of your golf carts. Apart from the instructions provided in the owner manuals that come with the SWFL Golf Carts, consider these maintenance tips and tricks and how to winterize a golf cart.

Deep Cleaning
A worker performing a maintenance check

Deep cleaning the golf cart and its accessories, including the battery, is very important. That means considerably less cleaning for you to take care of when you take the golf cart out again in spring. You can use liquid soap or a degreaser with some warm water to wash the gunk, grime, or slime off your cart, or you can even ask us at SWFL Golf Carts for advice on the most effective golf cart cleaning process.

Choose a Parking Spot & Park It

Choose a spot where you want to park your golf cart and park it there before winterizing it. If you do it later, you will have to manually push your vehicle there instead of driving it and parking it in place. Store your cart in a temperature-controlled place and not out in the open. If you decide to park it outside, you must ensure that you don’t forget to put on a cart cover on top of your vehicle. After the vehicle has been parked, put it in neutral gear, release its brakes, and use a rock or something else to stop the tires from moving. At the same time, check the condition of your cart’s tires and brakes, and replace them if necessary. Also, don’t forget to disconnect the battery to stop it from going flat.

Engine Tuning & Tank Drainage

It’s good to replace the fuel while cleaning the fuel filters side by side before finally storing the golf cart. If you don’t know how to do it, you can use our golf cart services in Bonita Springs, FL, for cart engine tuning. Apart from that, check and replace all accessories and electric gadgets if need be. In the end, we at SWFL Golf Cart will perform a final check where other fluids are concerned and top them up if needed, while at the same time, we’ll drain the gas and disengage the tank and the fuel line.

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