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Things to Consider When Buying a Used Golf Cart

Do you want to splurge on a golf cart?

If you’re considering opting for a used golf cart, this blog can help you. This blog mentions all the important things needed to be looked for before purchasing a refurbished golf cart.

Electric or Gas?

While selecting your favorite refurbished golf cart, one of the primary things you’ll need to decide is whether to get a gas-powered cart or an electric cart.

Gas-powered golf carts are more durable and faster in performance than their electric cousins. However, gas-powered golf carts are high-maintenance, making them more expensive and time-consuming to repair.

However, electric golf carts are more energy-efficient and are powered by batteries. They required less maintenance as compared to the gas-powered variants. But, an additional battery charger is a must for them.

Age Matters

Considering the age of a golf cart should be prioritized when buying a refurbished golf cart. Try to avoid buying golf carts manufactured over 15 years ago, even if they offer all the features you want or are your favorite model.

This is important for two reasons:

  1. A golf cart manufactured more than 15 years ago will have accumulated plenty of hours or cart rounds on it.
  2. Finding the right accessories for such older models can be challenging.

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Features and Specification

Both gas and electric powered golf carts come with different features and specifications, and it’s essential to spend some time looking for the features and specs that suit you the most.

Consider the purpose of your purchase. Do you want a golf cart to be used on a golf course, or do you want one that could be driven in your neighborhood? The specs and features of your cart should ideally suit the intent of your purchase.

These features may include seating capacity, the type of tires, and the overall weight capacity that the cart can handle.

Go for a Test Drive

Once you are satisfied with the looks and specs of the cart, it’s time to go for a test drive.

Getting behind the wheels can let you understand the functionality of your chosen golf cart better. Things like the optimal height of seats, perfect driving experience, and easy functions can be a huge turnon.

A test drive will also give you a better idea of the condition of your cart and will help you with making a more informed decision.

Is it worth the price?

Finally, all of it comes down to one of the most important factors. The price of the refurbished golf cart.

Ask yourself if the price is justified? Do the golf cart’s ride, features, and quality justify its asking price?

Such questions, along with a thorough golf cart inspection, can offer great help in choosing the right golf cart that caters to all your needs.

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