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Things to Know Before Buying Golf Carts in Florida

Residents often question the need to drive their huge vehicles around when they can do well with a convenient golf cart. Mike Purdy, a golf cart enthusiast, adds that golf carts need little maintenance compared to standard cars. In quiet,  close-knit communities, golf carts are a flexible commute option. The golf cart industry in Florida has only bloomed in recent years. The golf cart market size exceeded the US $1.5 billion in 2020. The market is expected to grow further with a renewed interest in eco-friendly vehicles.

A few things you need to know before buying golf carts in Florida include:

Why Do You Need a Golf Cart?

Are you a seasoned golfer? Do you need a golf cart for your seasonal golfing matches or one to drop your kids off at school? Golf carts in Florida are popular for a number of reasons. Some include:

  • They are a great ride for short-distance traveling
  • They are trendy amongst youngsters since they don’t need a driver’s license
  • They are eco-friendly and perfect for families

Make sure you take care of your family’s needs before you invest in a golf cart. You can have custom golf carts in Cape Coral. Reach out to our representative in Southern Florida to guide you better about custom-made golf carts.

 Gas-Powered Vs. Electric-Powered Carts

Even when a gas-powered golf cart is speedier than an electric one, it’s not environmentally friendly. It will also cost you more than an electric-powered golf cart. You might also find gas-powered golf carts noisier than electric-power golf carts. We’d recommend you try the latest golf carts for sale by Bintelli. The vehicle comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and an AC motor.

Should You Buy a New or Used Golf Cart?

New golf carts are a bit pricier than used golf carts. However, they come in perfect condition and with multiple years of brand warranty. Unlike used golf carts, new golf carts offer intriguing vehicle customization options. You can also opt for refurbished golf carts suitable for four to six passengers.

golf carts in Florida

Should You Wait for the Next Upgrade?

If you’re looking forward to setting the trend, then waiting for a model upgrade might help! It all comes down to your purpose, really. You don’t have to spend extra bucks on a golf cart for a quick getaway to Florida. Our golf cart services in Cape Coral can also help you find the best golf cart rentals.

Golf Carts from Trusted Dealers in Bonita Springs

Our company, SWFL Golf Carts, deals in high-quality sales, services, parts, and golf cart rentals. We have a wide variety of golf carts and e-bikes to choose from. Our service radius covers Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, and Naples. Call 239-676-3653 to buy golf carts from us in Florida.

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