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Tips for Upgrading the Suspension System on Your Golf Cart

A bouncy cart, excessive rolling, shaking wheels, and leakage from shocks are some sure signs that your golf cart requires an upgrade. You must be aware of these signs to get your suspension upgraded at the right time. Otherwise, your golf cart can run into a disastrous accident.

Here are some valuable tips that can help upgrade the golf cart suspension system, thereby making the ride more comfortable and stable.

Improved Heavy-Duty Suspension:

For an extremely smooth ride, you should go for heavy-duty leaf springs. These generally work great for off-road rides, heavy cargo, and extra passengers’ weight. Improving rear suspension and stability allows for an improved ride and performance.

Seek Help from an Expert

There are several suspension options available for golf carts. These include coil overs, leaf springs, lift kits, and heavy-duty shocks. Pick the one that best suits your cart’s needs. Once you are done picking, it is time to install the suspension.

It is never recommended to install the suspension system yourself unless you have experience working with suspension systems. You can always seek help from a technician or field expert for proper adjustment, alignment, and installation of the suspension system.

Other Performance Enhancement:

You can improve the performance and improve the ride by adding larger and more rugged tires to your golf cart. Consider adding a sway bar as well, as it minimizes the body roll during sharp turns, thereby improving handling. All the updates work in synergy to give a better ride quality on your golf cart.

Regular Maintenance

Now that you are done upgrading the golf cart suspension system and most of the cart parts for improved performance, you cannot simply sit back. You still need to prioritize maintenance and take your cart for regular inspection and cleanup. This improves the longevity and performance of the components. Apart from regular inspection, you should also lubricate the moving parts on and off. Work by cleaning up the necessary parts to remove dirt, dry it completely, and apply the lubricant thoroughly.

Keep a proper check on the suspension settings to ensure it is giving its best.

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In Conclusion

A healthy suspension means there will be no leakage, and less fuel will be wasted. It ensures safety by preventing accidents and offers smooth rides. Even moving on off-roads won’t be an issue. So avoid wasting time, get all set with gloves and goggles, and change the suspension system of your golf cart. Get professional help if you have never done this before.

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