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Top 3 Golf Courses in Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs is synonymous with golf. Some of the best golf courses in Florida are located in Bonita Springs. Whether you’re planning to visit the city or settle down here, golf is a favorite sport for many residents. Some of the golf courses in Bonita Springs are among the best in South West Florida, also known as the golf capital of the world.

Luckily for you, not only is Bonita Springs home to some of the best golf courses, but it is also a heavenly getaway with some amazing beach parks, trails, and scenic natural attractions. What’s more? SWFL Golf Carts has an outlet in Bonita Springs, and as you plan your stay, find out the best buying and rental options easily.

Here are the top three golf courses in Bonita Springs, Florida:

1. Bonita Bay Club

Bonita Bay Club is home to renowned and award-winning golf courses and runs between West and Naples Club. It is situated within 2400 acres of the Bonita Bay Community, surrounded by natural preservation of the habitat around it.

Bonita Bay Club has five world-class courses. The West Club has 3 courses designed by the legendary Arthur Hills, while Cypress and Sabal courses were designed by renowned Tom Fazio. The Bonita Bay Club is a separate entity within the community of Bonita Bay. Make your golfing experience memorable with SWFL Golf Carts, drive on every course, and play every hole.

2. Bonita Fairways Golf Club

Bonita Fairways Golf Club is a private 18-Hole public executive golf course. Bonita Fairways Golf Club was designed by Gordon Lewis with a legacy of 31 years and a 3500-yard course. The variations in this course make it perfectly suited for long and short games.


3. Bonita National Golf and Country Club

Bonita National Golf and Country is a golf sanctuary surrounded by a wildlife preserve. This 18-hole championship golf course was also designed by Gordon Lewis. Apart from its lush green golf courses, the golf and country club offers access to beautiful beaches, hiking, waterways, and trails.

It’s the perfect vacation spot for the family as you can get your golf on while your family can have a memorable day as well. A golf cart is a must-have to enjoy this club to the fullest. Check out SWFL Golf Carts and find the perfect one for you.

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