Golf Cart with Windshields

Why Do Golf Carts Have Windshields?

Regardless of the type of vehicle you are driving, its safety features always come first. A golf cart windshield is one of the most important elements of a golf cart. As the name suggests, it prevents branches, debris, dirt, and other small objects from flying in your face. If you own golf carts in Naples, FL,  get windshields for them from SWFLat great prices.

If you are wondering whether you should invest in a golf cart windshield, keep reading to learn its purpose and why it’s important.

Why Do Golf Carts Have Windshields?

When driving down a road, golf cart windshields offer a lot of protection and versatility. Golf carts are typically built as open-air vehicles so riders can enjoy the cool breeze while driving. Their open-air design also protects passengers from harsh sunlight and adverse weather conditions.

Besides protection, there are several other reasons behind golf carts. So, let us dive in to explore what they are.

Contrary to common belief, golf carts need windscreens since 1998 due to federal requirements. Most golf carts have a peak speed of around fifteen miles an hour, making them quite safe to use on golf courses.

However, the usage of golf carts has increased, particularly for quick shopping trips, running errands, and more. Depending on the laws of your area, you can use golf carts on the road. However, these regulations may vary from area to area. To enhance speed, some golf cart owners have changed their cars by adding larger tires and removing the speed control. The golf carts become a low-speed vehicle when they reach peak speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

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Since low-speed vehicles are categorized as regular automobiles, the 1998 NTHSA requires that they be equipped with windshields, safety belts, and other safety features. Windshields are made from highly durable and scratch-resistant materials for added protection against harsh weather.

Final Word

Although they may not seem essential, golf cart windshields make driving in bad weather more comfortable. Golf carts are an excellent way to move around. So, why walk in the sun or rain when you can easily rent golf carts in Fort Myers?

You can also rent a golf cart and make a vacation comfortable and luxurious. Golf carts are extremely practical and handy, and they are also easy and comfortable to ride.

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