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Why is My Golf Cart Not Working? 4 Most Common Problems

If you’re having problems firing up your relatively new electric golf cart, it’s about time that you delve deep into the root cause of that problem.

Various issues can keep electric golf carts from picking pace or starting up. Continue reading to find out what they are and how to fix these issues for good.

Dead Battery

A depleted or dead battery can cause ignition or star-up failure. All batteries become less efficient with time and eventually deplete entirely. Get a voltmeter and check the health of your electric golf cart’s battery.

Furthermore, keeping your batteries charged will keep them in good health. You can do this by frequently using your cart, checking your battery’s charging regularly, and charging it before it drains halfway. Also, check the electrolyte level in your golf cart’s battery. The cells in a battery require a sufficient amount of electrolytes/water to function efficiently.

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Inspect Your Solenoid

The solenoid in your golf cart enables current to flow between your golf cart’s motor and batteries. A damaged or broken solenoid can meddle with the efficiency of your golf cart.

Inspect your solenoid to see any visible signs of damage or loose wires. A reliable golf cart mechanic can repair or replace your damaged solenoid and get your cart up and running once again.

Ignition Issues

If the problem persists even after getting the batteries inspected, the culprit might be a lousy ignition switch!

Inspect the ignition of your golf cart and thoroughly check the area around your starting switch. Due to excessive use, electric wires usually get damaged or come loose near the ignition switch. You can correct minor ignition issues, like a loose or broken wire yourself. However, serious issues with the ignition can only be corrected by a reliable golf cart mechanic.

No Speed Control

A speed controller controls the acceleration and speed of your golf cart. A faulty speed controller can cause complications with your golf cart and keep you from enjoying an effortless and smooth ride in your cart. Inspect the area around your speed controller to look for any loose wiring or connections. It is advisable to call a professional golf cart mechanic to resolve any major or minor issue with your golf cart’s speed controller.

If your old golf cart is giving you problems now and then, or you think that it’s beyond repairs, it might as well be the right time to get a new one.

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