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Your Complete Guide to Electric Bicycle Maintenance

E-bikes are currently one of the trendiest modes of transportation in the market. Thanks to their versatility and efficiency, they’ve become really popular with avid cyclists and those who want a better commute. E-bikes are a sophisticated technology that can be your go-to vehicle for years to come with a little effort and some regular maintenance.

Like any other bike, an electric bike also needs regular maintenance to keep its battery and motor running smoothly for years. But how do you maintain your e-bike?

We’ll let this post serve as a guide.

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Take Care of Its Battery 

Your e-bike’s battery is the main component that distinguishes it from a regular bike. It has different requirements than other parts of the bike that are still fundamentally mechanical.  Many e-bike riders often wonder how long their batteries can last. Don’t worry though; you can easily extend your battery’s life with a few tips.

The most important thing you can do to ensure that your battery has a prolonged life is to keep your battery at room temperature. You can do this by parking your bike inside your home instead of leaving it outside. This is because warmer or colder temperatures can cause the battery to drain.

Cold temperatures can drain out the lithium-ion batteries that are common in e-bikes.

You can recharge your batteries multiple times, so you don’t need to worry about running out of it for years. You can also carry a charger with you if you need to. When it comes to storing your battery, make sure that it isn’t empty. Don’t leave the battery fully charged or discharged for long periods.

Other small things to do include:

  • cleaning and handling your battery as per the manufacturer’s instructions,
  • using the correct charger to avoid damage, and
  • reducing the load on your bike, so you don’t drain your battery.

Take Care of Its Tires

Your e-bike is a lot heavier than a regular bike. This is because it has a broader frame, a motor, and a battery attached to it. What this means is that your tires have to be sturdier to support this weight. Ensure that your tires are inflated properly because underinflated tires won’t support the weight properly.

Take Care of The Brakes

Brakes are extremely crucial because your e-bike goes faster than regular bikes and needs enough friction to come to a complete stop. This means that you use your brakes a lot more than you’d do with a regular bike. And despite e-bikes having sturdier brakes, you are still putting a lot of strain on pedaling, braking, climbing, etc.

Ensure that you regularly check your brakes for excessive rotor wear or loose parts. Also, keep an eye out for damaged parts or loose bolts in your frame and components because one thing creates a domino effect—for example, if your chain wears off, it can harm the rest of your bike and components like its chainrings.

It’s also important that you ensure your braking surfaces and pads are clean. This is because dirt can wear out your brakes quickly.

A bicycle tire

Take Care of The Chains

Your e-bikes chain regularly gets a lot more wear and tear because of the speed and weight of the e-bike. You must clean your bike chains regularly and grease them. Wipe the chain off with a rag to remove dirt, debris, and oil, and then lubricate it lightly. This will reduce dirt build-up and ensure your chain lasts you long.

Keep an eye on your chain and repair or replace it immediately. This is because if you don’t address the problem immediately, the rest of your drive train might suffer.

How to Wash Your E-Bike

So, you know how to keep your bike clean, but what about washing it? Well, do it carefully. Your bike’s batteries and motors should be kept away from water. Avoid power washing or jet washing your e-bike, as the water pressure will make its way through the sealed units of your battery and motor. But you can use a low-pressure hose and a rag, and an e-bike cleaning product to get the job done.

Most importantly, ensure that your bike isn’t charging, switch the system off, and ensure all the connections are sealed before you begin.

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