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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Golf Cart

In the United States, golf carts are a popular leisure vehicle. Golf carts are utilized by individuals who want to travel small distances and have a comfortable and functional trip. They are chosen over traditional vehicles because of their excellent mobility and low maintenance costs. Because of this popularity, the golf cart industry in the Northern United States was estimated at $1 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow even more in the coming years.

Are you confused about buying a golf cart? Here’s an ultimate guide on buying a golf cart to help you make up your mind. Learn about what’s a golf cart, its types, uses, benefits, and more.

What is a Golf Cart?

A golf cart is a compact passenger car used to transport people, golf equipment, and other golf-related items from one location to another. Golf carts have evolved into versatile, multi-task compact cars for a wide range of applications. Farms, university campuses, medical institutes, ranches, country clubs, small villages, and other businesses can benefit from them.

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Types Of Golf Carts

There are two types of golf carts based on their fuel or power.

  • Gasoline-powered golf cart
  • Electric golf cart

Both gasoline-powered and e-golf carts are excellent choices, and which is better for you is a matter of personal opinion. Both alternatives will need some upkeep. The essential differentiator is that an electric-powered golf cart’s battery must be replaced every 5–7 years, but a gasoline-powered golf cart requires regular maintenance like oil change, belt change, and the purchase of gasoline and filters.

Gasoline-Powered Golf Cart

A gasoline-powered golf cart may require regular maintenance once a year or every two to three years. Gasoline-powered golf carts offer more power than electric golf carts, allowing them to carry more weight and ascend steeper inclines. The major advantage of a gasoline-powered golf cart is that it can operate for far longer on a single tank of gasoline than a battery-powered golf cart can on a single charge. The smell of gas and pollutants and gasoline being more costly than electricity are all disadvantages.

Electric Golf Cart

The reduced cost of maintenance for electric golf carts makes them desirable. E-golf cart battery packs are normally replaced every five years and cost around $400 on average, although electric golf carts often do not require regular maintenance. However, routine maintenance is always suggested regardless of the type of golf cart.

For an improved driving experience, e-golf carts must be charged. E-golf carts are more cost-effective, ecologically friendly, low-maintenance, and silent than gasoline-powered golf carts, but they have a much lower range per charge. They also lack the force of a gasoline-powered golf cart, making them perfect for tasks like driving about a neighborhood, college campus, or golf course.

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Uses Of Golf Carts

Golf carts are small, user-friendly, dependable, low-maintenance, and adaptable, allowing them to perform various tasks. Golf carts are modified to meet demand in certain circumstances, with stronger motors, thicker tires, more compartments, and improved suspension. Outside of the course, golf carts can be used for the following purposes:

Off-Road Strolling

Want to enjoy your weekend outside and intend to drive on bad roads rather than in the countryside? Golf carts are the right choice. To handle difficult situations such as bumpy roads, uphill climbs, and weather conditions, these golf carts undergo considerable modifications in the body and specs. These carts are built to function similarly to UTVs or multipurpose vehicles.

Community Strolling

Some colleges allow students to use golf carts to go around quickly and with minimum effort, similar to how campus guards can use golf carts to patrol. Golf carts are a popular mode of transportation in several smaller island countries and cities, and visitors may lease them. Golf cart villages are tiny neighborhoods that depend on golf carts for mobility and are becoming increasingly popular in Western countries.


One of the other common uses of golf carts is the agricultural sector. A golf cart is, certainly, a less expensive, quicker, and compact substitute to a tractor, as long as you don’t need to transport anything heavier than hay bales. Farmers and livestock breeders utilize golf carts to navigate their fields, and the most frequent type is electric, which emits no pollution, is leak-free, and drives quietly, so it does not disturb cattle.

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Benefits Of Golf Carts

A golf cart may be quite useful for a variety of purposes. A golf cart may make life pleasant, whether you’ll be using it only for golf, moving feed around your farms, or simply driving about your neighborhood or retirement village. Here are some benefits of buying a golf cart.

They are Affordable

Golf carts, both new and old, are fairly inexpensive everywhere. In general, a new golf cart costs only a few thousand dollars. It can be far less expensive to buy secondhand, which most folks do. While some used golf carts can cost thousands of dollars, most are in the hundreds of dollars, come with all the features and specifications, and are just as exceptional as new golf carts.

They Are Easy To Use

Golf carts are an excellent option for people who are disabled or have difficulty moving around. Just because people have some difficulty moving about or don’t feel completely confident driving a full-size car doesn’t mean they have to be or feel constrained. Due to the carefree nature of golf carts, a cart for disabled individuals can assist in opening up a whole new world of opportunities and freedom.

They Are Fuel Efficient

When an individual buys a golf cart, they’ll save significant money on gas. Because most golf carts run entirely on electricity, one won’t need to buy any gasoline to use them. So, if people use their golf carts to move around their area, they’ll only need to buy gasoline if they also drive a full-size automobile.

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